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    • 02 MAY 16
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    Rehabilitation Medicine is geared towards helping every patient optimize their recovery potential and achieve best outcome following illness, injury of birth defects. The treatment is optimised through multidisciplinary team approach with clinical psychologist, dietitians, pharmacists, medical social worker, orthotist, prosthetist and other specialties as well.

    This specialty manage complex impairment and disabilities that require specialised program. It also provides therapeutic exercise for those who has physical problem due to illness or as a part of treatment for post-surgery.

    The rehabilitation services covers cardiac rehabilitation for patient following heart attack, post-op surgery, and PCI with its objective to slower the progression of the disease. Aamputee rehabilitation also offered for patient following amputation of upper and lower limbs due to illness with its objective to address proper wound and stump management as well as to increase strength and endurance for prosthetic assessment and restoration. Paediatric rehabilitation services is also offered to patient following developmental delay or congenital defects. Other than that, this specialty also manage neurorehabilitation to patient following acquired brain / nerve injury as result of illness which aim to optimise independence to help patient reach their highest level of function in their home, community and workplace. Spinal cord injury rehabilitation services also offered to those who experience spinal cord injury as a result of trauma or related illness.

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